Why We Told ABC No Thanks

By now, you may have heard that a casting crew from a partner of ABC network has reached out to us about our display. In fact, they’ve reached out to over 200 different holiday display’s nation wide. It’s part of a search to find the coolest and most unique holiday displays. The show will be taking place next year.

However, we’re going to humbly decline and not send in our video. At least, not with the current show format. There are three primary reasons why we decided not to submit:
  1. They want everyone in the family, including the kids to be part of the show. There are too many children in this world subjected to reality television today and it’s something I’m not prepared to put my kids through.
  2. At this point, we’re not quite sure of the time commitment. With that being said, we’ll be extremely busy next year. Not knowing what else will come up or how much time will truly need to be dedicated to the show, we can’t commit.
  3. We’ll lose. Besides the fact that I’m unlucky, we don’t have a really compelling story. We have a nice display, but there are several displays in the state that surpass us with creativity.

Here’s a portion of the email they had sent us:


As you can see, they’d like us to record a video  with the entire family. We have until Friday, December 14th to submit the video.

With so many spam messages and spoofed phone calls going around lately, I thought it may have been a prank or a way to solicit information. However, after some research, it was legit.


We appreciate the consideration whether it was blasted out to a bunch of houses or not. Thank you ABC and although we won’t be on the show in 2013, we can’t wait to watch it.

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