Planning for Christmas 2013 Before 2012 Goes Dark

Yes, we are already planning for next year’s Christmas display. However, much like this year, our biggest plans for next year involve the continued conversion over to an all LED display. Some of our blowmolds, the entire house outline and porch, the shed and most of the back yard, and the tree lawn tree are all LED.

Earlier today, we stopped at 3 Walmart locations (contacting 4 others), Sears, Home Depot, 2 Lowes locations, Boscovs, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and 3 Kmart locations to pick up Christmas décor for next year. We came away with additional C7 LED lighting for the house and rope light LED lighting for the landscape outlines. We also picked up several “backup” items. At all times, we try to have at least 2-3 backup light sets of every kind we use so we can quickly make repairs if needed.

Look for many more future posts as we prepare for 2013!

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