Light Show Schedule for 2022

Our lights were turned on last week on Friday, November 25th. The lights will stay on through Sunday, January 8th. Each night the lights turn on and 4pm Eastern and turn off at 11pm Eastern. As we get closer to the holiday, we will announce additional hours for the lights.

Light shows take place every 30 minutes starting at 5pm Eastern with the last show kicking off at 9pm Eastern. That means, we'll have 396 light shows during the 2022 season, the most ever! You can listen to the synchronized music by rolling down your window or listening on 99.9 FM. If you forget the station, you'll see it listed in the ornament in the front tree lawn. 

Finally, are you following us? Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! We're on all 3 @mylightdisplay. Let us know when you stop by and please provide feedback to us. We're currently looking for new ideas for 2023.

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