How We Do It

Timing is Everything

One of the questions that we’re asked frequently is about the total hours necessary to assemble the entire display. In previous years, we were approaching 100-120 hours on a regular basis. However, this year, we came in under 60 hours at 55 1/2. Most of that is attributed to the limited number of repairs that we needed to make this year. The other major factor is the schematic that we’ve created. Yes, we have a plan.

The Plan

Our plan maps the lights in the display to the appropriate channel. In addition, each extension cord is appropriately labeled so that we know which cord should go where. In the event the cord loses power, we have sufficient backups based on length and wire gauge. One of the longest portions of running the lights has to do with the extension cords. We’d estimate that 25% of the overall time is spent running extension cords and sealing the moisture out with waterproof electrical tape.

It’s a Numbers Game

Based on previous numbers, we run approximately 30,000 lights. Attaching those lights (this year) is just over 2/3 of a mile of extension cords. We seal the cords with over 300 feet of electrical tape.

Power Consumption

We’re also asked about our electric bill. ALL. THE. TIME. It’s not that bad actually. In fact, this year, we replaced 560 watts of “A” light bulbs with 129 watts of LED bulbs. We’ve also replaced an additional 4300 mini-lights and 5 strings of rope light with LED equivalents.

Media and Our Purpose

Each year we are approached by someone about our show. Last year was no different. ABC will begin airing a new show called Light Fight starting on December 9th. We were asked by them last year to participate. However, we don’t do this for the media. We do this for those who enjoy the holiday season. We’re always looking for suggestions for new elements of the display, new songs to add to our line-up, and new sequences to demonstrate dancing lights. Feel free to leave your suggestions.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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