Welcome to My Light Display

Our display has been visible in Exeter, PA since the 2004 holiday season. Over the years we've added several new features, retired several features, and continued to add more lights. This year is no different. We've continued our replacement of traditional lights and converted over to LEDs. We now have a 98% LED display. We hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check-in when you visit on Facebook.

Recent Posts

  • 2018 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

    If you have last minute packages that you’re looking to send, be sure to check out the 2018 holiday shipping deadlines below. I’ve added a special category for Amazon as they’ll figure out how to ... [Read More]
  • 2018 Command Center

    I haven’t posted about this yet this year, but in preparation for future changes to the show, I’ve updated the communication between the show elements and the show machine. This involved purchasing a new, rugged, ... [Read More]
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    There’s a new trend that has been gaining more traction over the years. This year it’s featured in Cosmopolitan as being a top trend for 2017. It’s, Christmas Tree Hair. Is this something that ... [Read More]
  • Successful First Day of 2018 Shows

    Yesterday was Black Friday. It also marked the day that the first 9 shows of the season took place. Since we hadn’t completed a dry run before the live shows, we had a few bumps, ... [Read More]
  • 2018 Show Ready to Go

    It’s hard to believe that today is Thanksgiving. We hope that you are enjoying the day with family and friends. Our 2018 show is ready to light up. We’ll have a dry run with the ... [Read More]